Endorsements of Charlie Luke

Curious about who else is supporting Charlie for his re-election to the Salt Lake City Council representing District 6?

Salt Lake City Council Members

  • James Rogers, Salt Lake City Council, D1
  • Andrew Johnston, Salt Lake City Council, D2
  • Chris Wharton, Salt Lake City Council, D3
  • Ana Valdemoros, Salt Lake City Council, D4
  • Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Council, D5
  • Amy Fowler, Salt Lake City Council, D7

Utah Political Leaders

  • Ben McAdams, U.S. Representative UT #4
  • Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County Mayor
  • Ted Wilson, Former Salt Lake City Mayor
  • Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney
  • Ann Granato, Salt Lake County Council 
  • Thomas Wright, Fmr. Utah Republican Party Chair
  • Karen Mayne, Utah Senate Minority Leader
  • Jani Iwamoto, Utah Senator
  • Derek Kitchen, Utah Senator & Former Salt Lake City Council, D4
  • Joel Briscoe, Utah Representative
  • Patrice Arent, Utah Representative
  • Carol Spackman Moss, Utah Representative
  • Sandra Hollins, Utah Representative
  • Elizabeth Weight, Utah Representative
  • Marie Poulson, Utah Representative
  • Steve Urquhart, Fmr. Utah Senator
  • Melissa Ford, SLC School Board #6
  • Laurel Young, Fmr. School Board #6
  • Maryann Martindale, HD 28 Chair
  • SL County Democratic Disability Caucus
  • Utah Cultural Alliance
  • Gary Bowen, Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council 
  • Jeanetta Williams

Community Council Chairs

  • Ellen Reddick, Chair, Bonneville Hills
  • Landon Clark, Chair, Sugar House
  • Michael Dodd, Chair, Wasatch Hollow
  • Devon Olson, Chair, Foothill/Sunnyside
  • R. Gene Moffitt, Fmr. Chair, East Bench
  • Robin Carbaugh, Fmr. Chair, Yalecrest
  • Pete Taylor, Fmr. Chair, Sunnyside East


  • Salt Lake City Firefighters
  • Salt Lake Police Association
  • Utah AFL-CIO
  • Central Utah Federation of Labor
  • Operating Engineers Local 3
  • U.A. Local 140

District 6 Residents

  • Loree Hagen
  • Holly Mullen
  • Des Barker
  • Peter Brownstein
  • Peter Fillmore
  • Dave Swanwick
  • Maurine Bachman
  • Tim Chambless
  • Erin Trenbeath-Murray
  • Carol Barnard
  • Weston Clark
  • Anne Holman
  • Natalie Connolly
  • Miriam Harper
  • Brett Prettyman
  • Kerry Lehtinen
  • Mike Mattsson
  • Jan & Richard Ferre
  • Karen Crompton
  • David Wirthlin
  • Craig Carter
  • Shirley Sutherland
  • John Graham
  • Hank Williams
  • Jon Lear
  • Jim Webster

If you would like to be added as a supporter of Charlie Luke in any of the categories above, please contact Charlie via phone/text at 801-554-5442 or by email at charlie@votecharlieluke.com